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Quo Vadis India is a destination marketing company in India offering Slow Travel Experiences for their international clients (UK, US, MEXICO) to the Indian Subcontinent.

The brief was very clear: while they have stable business from traditional marketing, they were keen to establish a strong digital presence. Quo Vadis desired a website reflecting their product philosophy: Slow Travel to India, unhurried, local and at times luxurious!

We envisaged a website design keeping in mind the demography of Quo Vadis India's clients- Above middle aged intellectual travellers from the US and the UK. Quo Vadis also works with foreign tour operators in the countries they are present in, and the complication of developing a website that is both commercial and yet a platform that doesn't disrupt their existing business was a hard nut to crack. We conceptulized a design with stunning imagery matched with literary content to appeal to the right TG. The website of Quo Vadis India has been greated appreciated and valued by the trade and serves as an example to destination marketing companies in the subcontinent.

Search Engine Optimization demands great content, yet the keyword here is consistency. Content has always been king and it shall always remain on the throne. However, content distribution and marketing is a close blood relative who is waiting to claim the throne! What we mean, is that content marketing is as important as developing stellar content. Google keeps changing the rules of SEO, however, one golden rule remains the same-  Quality content and Quality links!

The Results have been tangible! The bounce rate is 0.5% which is the lowest in the industry. We generate leads from the website and the conversion rate is more than 50% which is one of the highest in the travel industry! The Leads come from the US, UK as well as part of Europe.


The home page has been designed with stunning imagery and content with rich keywords. The homepage also has links to special interest tours to the subcontinent for easy navigation of the users. Quo Vadis Post is the brand's own blog



The Ardh Kumbh Mela is a special interest tour that last happened in early 2019. The page highlighted the tour itinerary along with the important dates and an interest form. We generated several leads from this page with close to 80% conversion rate.



Content is always king!

Creating stellar content is the first step towards a successful digital marketing execution. Next comes content distribution in authority domains so as to reach you right TG. We have curated blogs for Quo Vadis Post ranging from travel to art to literature as well as festivals so as to reach a very specific audience, interested in slow tours to India.

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