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PNJXN is an experiential communications, marketing strategy and creative agency

partnering with other boutique clients in niches that make them outliers within their industries owing to the nature of their offering, scale and other defining features. Most marketing agencies work for clients in rather “red ocean” categories deploying time tested methods of promotions and marketing. But this one size fits all approach fails these niche ventures. 


Chasing the Long Tail

The need for a partner who understands, empathises and is even strongly passionate about such long-tail offerings has been felt for the longest time, be it a nature or wilderness retreat with strong local connect or an architectural firm wanting to provide bespoke solutions in a templatized manner. PNJXN realised that this gap needed addressing and, in doing so, holds the promise of wonderful opportunities for collaboration and growth for all involved.

The Offerings


Branding and Communications

The branding exercise sets the tone for the entire organization or business informing every aspect of communication and market presence, be it physical or digital. From naming exercises to creating brand identity including logo, brand voice and tone. For those whose brand book is set, we help create branding collateral in sync with brand guidelines. 

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Condensing the signal out of a sea of noise is what gets your customer hooked to you. User Experience (UX) is either the first or the most used point of contact for your business. Be it your website, app or even your social media, delivering a user experience that is true to your identity and services is what we do. For those who live in the zeros and ones, your UI/UX is the omega, your only POC with the world. We will make sure that your world is hugely expanded.

Digital marketing Company in India

Digital Transformation

It is sacrosanct for every brand to embrace the digital transformation, whether your business model is Direct to Consumers or Businesses or even governments. Starting from a Website to being easily found on Google and a healthy balance of owned and bought media, digital can tell your powerful story and get you the highest possible ROI for your marketing dollars.


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