Rakkh Resort
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Kangra Painting, Himachal Pradesh

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Rakkh is an experiential resort in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

   The brief from the client was to create a digital presence that reflects the product. Experiential, adventure and a lot of stories

We envisaged a design and development that started and ended with a vivid story. Both Visual and well a textual.

An HTML website has been developed for Rakkh Resort that reflects the ethos of the brand. The Resort is truly one of its kind with an array of experiences to offer everyone. It is a family resort, it is pt friendly, the passionate team has curated adventures and local experiences. It has something for everyone to take home. The website has been created to tell the rakkh Story. Social media strategy follows the website, with simple and powerful stories that leave an impact.

The Result is increase in Social Media followers and decrease in bouce rate on the website.

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Rakkh Patrika

Dream Vacations and Stiff joints - let's unlock 'em
both in this Experiential Resort in Palampur

However we assess it, COVID has exacted a toll on all of us and we can’t wait to get life back to normalcy. While many pundits and thought leaders debate what that novelty is, we believe that travel is a fundamental need of humans. We are explorers by nature and thrive on new experiences more than anything else. This period of lockdown has strengthened this conviction in most of us. We have to travel, we need to travel.

That said, all things we took for granted previously come under the scanner now, some by the state and others by sentience. Travel will undergo a change too, a metamorphosis if you may, from the fast and furious to the slow and balanced; from the consumed to the experienced; from the mindless to the sustained. A world that ground to a halt overnight gave us space and time to introspect on the choices we made and the ones we should in the future.