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© Reena Surana, Host at Cece

A Content
to Commerce

A large fan following the content-rich platforms of and The Dope decided to provide the much-needed relief during the first COVID lockdown of 2020 by stepping into the nascent field of streaming experiences, bringing the best and authentic Indian experiences to all in their push for Content-to-Commerce. 

While ideating on the brand identity, the brief was to be fun, light-hearted and even absurd with a brand name and
identity that could lend itself to a variety of branding exercises.

We Coined Cece gains a connect, depth
and phonetic recall owing to its fun and
innocent sound. With the widest
spectrum of offerings related to travel
and experiences, with this and that too
in the potpourri comes
across as fresh and vibrant.

Languages are one of the largest
populations and are going to be
the next big spenders, particularly
from South America and Mexico
given their penchant for travel. To
start the relationship with a
Yes Yes
is already a positive
reinforcement in the mind.

AFRICA has truly been the cradle of
humanity and civilization. The
beautiful language of Swahili
offers the meaning of we or
together to the phonetic cece,
implying in our context,
we travel the earth,
together we travel.

From ideation, naming and branding exercise to marketing feasibility with identification of TG and setting up of campaigns on one end and designing the UI/UX setting the tone consistent with brand voice for the digital experience has been our mandate. Christened as Cece Stream by one of the assignments was to create a brand video in time for the launch. Given the constraints of lack of mobility, the entire script and storyline had to be written with available stock footage in mind. The brand video has been a singular source of traction across channels for Cece by, resonating with all their TG.

The Result is a vivid Brand Story, that is has a lasting impression!


Everyone judges a book by its cover!

UX UI Design


Cece Brand Video