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Kalighat Painting, Rai Raja
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A winning Inbound Marketing Strategy

Exotic Heritage Group works in the niche of experiential travel in destinations that are off the regular circuits. When approached by them to help market their river cruises and birding & wildlife lodges, we decided that the ideal strategy for Exotic Heritage Group is to apply inbound marketing strategy driven by rich content, visual and text, to create an interest and awareness about the destinations among the discerning travellers rather than selling the product outright.

A Love Story on Social Media

On social media, we created a conversational series of posts as though the cruise ships are addressing the destinations and why they long to meet them. This helped create a conversation about the destinations which in the short and long term will grow the business.


a love story unfolds

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Inclusive Wellness

Seeking inclusive growth, wellbeing and self-actualization are the cruces of all endeavour at Exotic Heritage Group. We have stayed on this path for more than fifteen years and evolved as we go along, learning and discovering more about the interconnectedness of things.
As our Ganga River Cruise vessels go against the current, onward to explore and bring novel experiences, so too we strive to buck the trend as we work towards holistic and inclusive wellbeing and equanimity of everyone we interact with. Understanding and appreciating disparate cultures and practices is the first step to learning and eventual enlightenment. At Exotic Heritage Group, we hope to achieve and impart this to all our team members and friends by the exotic journeys we create and curate.


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