Leisure Ways
Visual Storytelling

Bhimbetka Paintings 
© Raveesh Vyas/Flickr

Visual Storytelling 
is ancient!

Bhimbhetka is an Elysium for storytellers and art lovers alike. The art here is exquisite, primal and raw in its resonance across many millennia precisely because it communicates the richness of experience and adventure of the tribes encountered.

Evolutionarily not much has changed over the centuries as we reinvent media to capture and share our visual experiences knitting a story of where we have been, what we have done as the defining elements of who we are.

Leisure Ways wanted to communicate their offering, luxury of unique experiences by telling a story in images of what adventures and indulgences await. We were able to create the perfect visual and content appeal to capture and engage the desired audience.

Microcations by Leisure Ways 

People will want to travel once the lockdown is relaxed
Air Travel might be restricted and even contraindicated owing to
the centralized air conditioning system in aircrafts
Road Travel by private car is the ideal way for the near future
Accessible but offbeat locations make for perfect micro cations
Leisure Ways specializes in the experiences beyond the ordinary,
with luxury offerings in remote locations
Partnering with organizations such as RARE to bring the best in the
country to you
As travel restrictions are relaxed abroad, we will be standing by
with great destinations and experiences in locations such as
Bhutan, Sri Lanka, remote island retreats of Thailand, Maldives

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