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The Touchstones

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“Communication – the human connection – is the key success.”
Paul J. Meyer

RARE India is an advocate of small, private, concept hotels. RARE continues to celebrate a community of lateral thinkers, small, private and intimate non-hotels hosted or created by passionate owners with stories to tell – film makers, wildlife lovers, conservationists, photographers, poets, adventurers, keepers of traditions, artists, architects, writers, river runners.

The RARE Touchstones for conceptuaized, designed and implemented by PNJXN. This concept is the brainchild of Nandish and Pooja, the founders.

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The Human Touch

This is the Abhaya Hrudaya Mudra as enunciated in Yoga.
A simplistic translation is a fearless heart or braveheart
symbol. At the root of being human is the capacity to
love, to empathize. For empathy and love to exist fear
should be banished. We believe this symbolism is the
aptest for 'human touch' touchstone. Within the larger
scheme of things, this should guide all other touchstones
and so be situated at the centre of the compass rose.

The Literature 

We at RARE India have identified simple and tangible hallmarks that help create the paradigm of Conscious Luxury Travel. All our RARE partners are audited on these parameters and motivated to adopt as many of them as feasible. 
We are proud to be working with people who resonate with our beliefs and are willing to go that extra mile to achieve a sustainable future. To this end, 18% of our hotels have ticked all the hallmarks with more than half of them scoring positively on half the parameters.
As Buddha promulgated the eight-fold path for inner evolution, so too we believe the RARE TOUCHSTONES are paths to Sustainable evolution. 
The Compass Rose lends itself perfectly for manifesting this, with its four Cardinal and four Ordinal directions. The pivot of the touchstones being the ‘Human Touch’.



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