A virtual event

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Virtual events are an exercise in mindfulness with any number of technological challenges and readiness apart, engaging the right audience in the right way at the right time. 

The Japanese kanji for mindfulness summons the act of putting together an event exclusively on social platforms.

Results of RAREfied

500+ Organic Followers in two days
3000 profile views
1500+ InstaLIVE Viewers

The Japanese kanji

Mindfulness is 'nen' in Japanese and represented by Japanese kanji having two elements. The mountain is a top character implying the present moment. Below the peak is shin translating into the heart and/or mind.

The combination of these characters suggests the interpretation:

heart and mind brought together into this very moment.

The Virtual Event

A virtual showcase to celebrate ‘travel nostalgia’ perfect to allow your minds to fly, drive, trek, ride just about anywhere you choose. Come, celebrate heritage through Insta Live stories, aim for personal transformations on personal branding and sustainable lifestyle, experience Live onsite ‘WalkAbouts’ with our partner hotels!