Star Vacations

Wall Painting, the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor

In our world of clutter, simplicity stands out!

The brief was very simple. The client had burnt their hands several times with the promise of rebranding and a branded website. PNJXN was referred to them by another client and they had a good feeling!

The name of the company was simple and stellar and they have an exceptional clientbase. All we had to do was bring visual and textual coherence to this fantastic organization. 

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Isotaxal star with four vertices

A polygon that is formed out of juxtaposing two rhombi (diamond structures) reflecting the strength, longevity and aesthetics unique to fundamental geometric elements.

The Concept Note

The shape of a star has a unique appeal and history to humanity as evidenced from cave paintings to pyramids, to modern-day tattoos. Humans have always looked up to the heavens with aspiration with the stars ruling them. The shape of the star exudes luxury and confidence. The simplest star being the 3 pointed star, was adopted as the logo of Mercedes, a brand that has been the epitome of luxury, comfort and aspiration for generations.  The 4 pointed star, also known as the star of Bethlehem has a unique significance and myth attached to it. The three wise kings were guided by the 4 pointed star on their journey across lands seeking Infant Jesus. The significance of the four-pointed star as a beacon is cemented in our consciousness as evidenced by the compass rose. More recently, NATO adopted the symbolism  as a reaffirmation of solidarity, camaraderie, peace and progress. The four-pointed star is a natural choice for Star Vacations. With each vertex pointing in the cardinal direction, Star Vacations expertise of World Travel is radiated by the four-pointed star

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