Brand Story of The Earth 

Lucas Samaras in rug form
© Michael Merideth/Flick

Branding is Storytelling. 
As vivid as you can tell

The Earth was conceived as a haven for connoisseurs of
experiences to enjoy true luxury in the unpretentious,
unfettered and uncomplicated atmosphere.

   The brief from the client was to create a brand story that reflects the ḗthē of The Earth - Simple, unpretentious and uncomplicated! 

We envisaged a design that was simple yet uncompromisingly luxurious and comfortable. Handmade textured paper backgrounds along with images that paint a picture of a simple Earth have been selected.

A simple and elegant flow has been developed. The literature of the story has been written to appeal to an intellectual and well travelled audience. The phrase 'Simplicity by Choice' has been coined to describe Conscious Luxury Hospitality and Responsible Travel. The Earth as a brand has been personified to have a 'Conscious head', an 'extraordinary Soul' and a 'Comfortable Body'. Simplicity, Inclusivity and Sustainability form the collective cornerstones of The Earth.

The Result is a vivid Brand Story, that is has a lasting impression!

Cover Story

Everyone judges a book by its cover!



Simplicity by Choice!

Magic happens when text and visual content create symbiosis!