Important things to know about Hashtags this 2021

Important things to know about Hashtags this 2021

Social Media is a buzzing world and that makes Social media marketing an important aspect for any business. A strong social media strategy is not just about which social media platform to use for your business branding and promotion, it’s more than that and that includes the knowledge of using the proper hashtags for a good reach and engagement.

The hashtag is a word or a phrase that comes after a hash sign(#). The objective of a hashtag is to index keywords or topics on social media, especially on Twitter, also this helps people easily search and follow their topic of interest.

Remember the below points before starting using hashtags

  • Hashtag starts with a hash sign before it and never uses spaces, punctuation, and symbols, if used, it will not work.
  • Hashtagged content will not be visible to the non-followers if the social media accounts are not public.
  • Keeping it simple is the key, short but easy to remember hashtags are more effective.
  • Using post-relevant hashtags makes it easy for the audience to find posts.
  • Too many hashtags look unsolicited and unnatural. 30 hashtags are the limit on Instagram.
  • Conduct research and use trending hashtags because everyday trending hashtags change.

Benefits of using hashtags

  • Similar to keywords on SEO, hashtags on social media posts help in increasing the visibility of the posts. If an audience is searching for a specific post through a hashtag or clicking on a specific hashtag brings them into a collection of all the posts associated with the particular hashtag. Henceforth if you use relevant hashtags, the probability of reaching the right audience is more.
  • When a hashtag is associated with a specific post or brand, it encourages the audience to take part in the conversation concerning relevant topics, this may result in more comments, likes, and shares on the posts. 
  • Associating a particular hashtag with a brand and making it a brand hashtag helps in building brand awareness.
  • In recent times, hashtags are just not attached with the brands or business promotions but it is also connected with social causes and issues which helps in gathering more importance and attention to the issue.
  • Netizens can follow a specific hashtag on Linkedin and Instagram. So using hashtags with fame is one more way for the audience to find your brand. Eg: if your post has a hashtag, like  #Trekking then an audience who follows this hashtag will find your post in their latest feeds. This might increase the chance of fetching new followers
  • Hashtags speak louder and more effectively than captions. Rather than using long captions, using hashtags that say what you are speaking about makes it simple and interesting for the users. 

 Here you go, the most popular hashtags of the  year, 2021


  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #fashion
  • #photooftheday
  • #photography
  • #beautiful
  • #instagram
  • #picoftheday
  • #nature
  • #happy
  • #travelgram
  • #foodstagram


 Ways to tailor hashtag with your content strategy

  • Make use of hashtag suggesting tools like hashtagify. me, which helps in finding the best and relevant hashtags to your brand, also this tool helps in knowing the popularity of the hashtag and its trends throughout the month.
  • Take advantage of social media listening tools, these tools help you to understand which are the best hashtags for each of your social media platforms based on the search stream.
  • Look back at your previous post, that gives you the best understanding of which hashtag worked well, and then you can use them in future posts.
  • Instagram insights provide you the data of many impressions you got from a hashtag then you plan according to using hashtags.

Final words to conclude, use the right hashtags to have a better social media presence. If you need any social media assistance do contact PNJXN Marketing, we always strive to help our clients perform better on social media. 


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