We are Storytellers


 Emily Kame Kngwarreye
 Summer Celebration, 1991

Who we portray ourselves to be, 
are the stories we tell others;

who we are – the stories we tell ourselves.

Children of the Aborigines of Australia grow up listening to stories of trees, rocks, mountains, skies and everything under the sun. Little do they know that these stories will help them one day navigate the vast and wild outback when they set upon their right of passage, the ‘walkabout’.

If some stories help us survive the physical realm, most stories help us manoeuvre the emotional space. Stories are the currency of human transactions. We all create, borrow and exchange stories. Who we portray ourselves to be, are the stories we tell others; who we are – the stories we tell ourselves.


Sustainability Matters

We at PNJXN partner with clients who are more than just a business. Real people rooted in the community, working together to achieve social upliftment and economic emancipation along with conservation of heritage, natural and historic, tangible and intangible are our favourites. We leave no stone unturned to tell their story.

Cece by Travel Earth


Cece by Travel Earth

Portmanteau by Leisure Ways


Portmanteau by Leisure Ways




RARE Touchstones


The Earth, Brand Story

Red Earth Resort


Red Earth Resorts


Star Vacations


Rakkh Resort


RARE India


Exotic Heritage Group


Downton Hotels


Rescue Healthcare, Bangalore


Cece Brand Video

We make boutique brands matter!

In this world of Chaos, even big Brands find themselves losing ground. Small Brands are far behind. However, boutique brands have an advantage of being able to choose their audience and effectively communicate with them.
That's the superpower- Personal and value creation. We tell their stories, we make them matter to the audience of their choice!

PNJXN Marketing LLP


The Seers

Giants in their fields, the rich life lessons the Seers impart us is
the pharos guiding us home.

B S Nataraj

B. S. Nataraj

Corporate Liaison

His long and enduring career in corporate sales and marketing, not to mention his management and operations mantras have offered us the perfect recipe to run a profitable & sustainable business.

Shoba Mohan

Shoba Mohan

Sustainability Mentor

Shoba is the Stalwart and champion of Conscious Luxury Travel. Her relentless efforts in bringing small luxury hotels with a focus on sustainability and planet friendly practises to the forefront of tourism is exemplary and we learn so much from her everyday!

Reet Hazarika

Reet Hazarika

Travel Strategy

He needs no introduction. Founder of Quo Vadis Travel, he is a Travel Guru, literally, everyone goes to him for advice. He guides us on everything from Business to Strategy to what holiday to take and where to stay!

Dr. Chandrashekar Ratkal

Dr. C. S Ratkal

Healthcare Strategy

A clinician par excellence has been a teacher all his life. He helps bring academic precision into our professional life, motivating us to dive deeper into the details of every industry we serve.

    The Seekers

"If I have seen further, it is by standing upon
the shoulders of giants"
- Sir Isaac Newton

Chaya Nataraj


Digital Marketing

A Masters in Mathematics, Chaya was a professor in Math who also secretly loved writing. She was a homemaker for 10 years in between before she took to the pen again!

Ruman Taj

Ruman Taj


Ruman, being passionate about designing, has a cumulative experience of 10 years as a designer. She is the most patient and lovable person who brings in treats for her colleagues every other day.

Nagesh Kumar

Nagesh Kumar

Digital Marketing

Passionate Beat Maker. A firm believer that ‘Music is everywhere and in everything’. ‘I love music’ and waiting for music to reply back saying ‘I love you too’. 

Sai Revanth

Sai Revanth

Digital Marketing

An early riser with a passion for fitness who is waiting to make a mark in the business world. If you don't find Revanth learning something new then he would probably be dreaming about making it big as an actor.

Chris Mathew

Chris Mathew

Digital Marketing

 An ambivert, who loves watching movies. And also an amateur video editor who makes videos in his free time. Working in the digital marketing field, learning along the way, who also loves meeting new people.

Smitha H R

Smitha H R

Digital Marketing

Engineer by chance but digital marketer by choice. Proactive, gregarious and outgoing, love for sports, and enjoys travelling. 

Abdul Wadood

Abdul Wadood

Digital Marketing

He is an introverted extrovert unstoppable on stage and quiet at his desk. Celebrating his life traveling and sighting wildlife, making musical beats direct from his mouth, and writing verses to speak his silence out loud.

Vagmi Karera

Vagmi Karera


An artist who can weave magic with her designs. Vagmi is into UI/UX and sketching full-time. She sketches beautiful artwork during midnight as she believes creativity is at its best during that point. She also weaves magic in the office not only with her designs but with her treats hidden in her jacket.

Suraj Nataraj


Technology & Strategy

Loves coding, playing with new technology. But he would rather play some heavy riffs on his guitar and compose progressive rock music or perhaps go on a roadtrip.

Sai Revanth

Alstrin Cyrus


An introvert who believes that empathy and kindness is the way to go. A skilful poet who lives in his head most of the time, pops out to write those thoughts on paper for us. Alstrin is also a big time foodie and football fan, whose goal is to be known for the words he’s written.

Abdul Wadood

Paul Nicholaus

Accounts & Digital

A multitasker who believes that hard work and dedication are the keys to success. He aspires to be a successful leader and entrepreneur one day. An accountant who also works as a digital marketer has his aims set on becoming the best in both fields.

Pooja Nataraj


Chief Strategist and Art Director

A stage actor, artist and singer with a strange love for hotels, she has all the ingredients for compelling storytelling!

Nandish Ratkal


Content Director

Given to him, he would rather read a book all day and take his girl, Baanka out on long walks in the mountains. But well, he has taken to the pen, something he likes second to the above!

Baanka Bella

Baanka e Bella

The Yin and Yang of PNJXN

Baanka and Bella, the lockdown babies are naturally gifted with the power to unlock human spirit. Although pups of the same fur, one is a beauty and the other, an ogre. Yet, we value and love them equally. Now who is which is for you to come search...


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